Custom of Eid Mubarok

Actually every village has custom. What do you think of custom? Did you ever think why we have many different customs in our country? Especially in my village, there are customs which is different from others. It's telling about food, habit, or something like that. In this section, I will tell my different custom which is there in my village, especially in my family. As we know that everyone does pray of eid mubarok when that day comes. But it's not habit for people in my village. It is not usual if every woman does it. Moreover, praying in eid mubarok is not obligation.

Perhaps some people have thought why it happen. Yet it is the important question. They will be able to answer the question if they know more about the law of praying in eid mubarok. Some people over there have many reasons why women never do it. Firstly, praying in eid mubarok is not obligation for women. Secondly, they are afraid if women go to mosque to pray, it will make the slander. Thirdly, it is not habit in our village. Those are only the reasons in my village.

How about the village which allows to pray when eid mubarok? Some people said that eid mubarok day is the important day, so something which happens when eid mubarok comes has to do. Moreover that day is just twice in one year. That are fitri eid mubarok and adha eid mubarok. It's not usual if women just stay in house without doing anything. Not only women but also children have to join. Of course, it is habit for every moslem. Mosque is very crowded.

But do you know? Nowadays people in my village do praying because their awareness has come. Some of them discuss about the optional which is never done by the women in my village. Because that day only happens twice for one year. Many women want to do praying in eid mubarok day, especially me. Before there was praying in eid mubarok for women, we went to the mosque which is there congregantion of women. Sometimes there are people celebrate eid mubarok in boarding school. It occurs because they want to do praying in eid mubarok.

Our customs are not only that, but also many customs that we visit a sacred place after praying of eid mubarok, visit our big family to apologize our mistakes. We get many kinds of cooky. There are nastar, salju, chocolate, sagun etcetera. Those serve when eid mubarok comes. The last, the important thing which is never left flames fireworks. The night of eid mubarok is so crowded, noisy and full of happiness.

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