God's Will

I'm just an ordinary human being imperfect and full of flaws. April 17th was the date of my birthday, I do not like when my birthday is celebrated, or be a great day for myself. And this year my age even 15 years, I still live with their parents. The house was inhabited by my family quite comfortable and simple, and I think it's the nicest place 2nd in my life, but life at school was a nightmare for me.

Kriiinggg !!!, alarm sounded, I immediately got out of my bed and immediately prepare the goods to go to school. Bathing, eating, and finally I went to school to where I hate most, but what can we do it is my obligation. The school gate is always open, but not to the gates of friendship. At school I was always teased and ostracized by other friends and I often bullied. I could not do much I just resigned. The class I'm not a good student, I did not have any close friends or people to invite my friends speak only for debriefing or tasks besides just never.

Very beautiful. Although I had no friends and did not feel the warmth of friendship, but fortunately I still can feel the love. There was a girl who I love, he was in the next class, she was beautiful and smart, but I'm the opposite. Is it possible? Actually, I've loved it since a year back and I've loved it but I never express what I feel to him. Perhaps he was the only one of my comforter in school. Apes all my life. I prefer people who already have a girlfriend now and I envy him. Now it is no more entertainment in school, I thought I wanted to get into the house and headed for the best place I called "my own room".

I started thinking about those tired I like it I began to lie down in my bed, this is the only paradise for me. My eyes had no longer hold back this drowsiness I finally fell asleep. Yes, I began to sleep I could feel I started to sleep, but why I can realize I began to fall asleep ?! Suddenly I was in a world that is somehow nowhere. Heard the sound of explosions right next to my ear, colorful light obscure blocking my view, there is no way to step on my body and ... why can not I move ?! It was hard, but I remain relaxed, relax ... little by little this terrible place becomes vacant and dark place. And in this dark place I began to think I hated most people and there little by little people came, I started to hit him, he was fighting but I'm here is much more powerful, I think of guns, and guns that appeared in my hand, without further ado I started cracked down. After all, all became dark again and I started to wake up in bed, I felt satisfied because I can avenge it if only in sleep.

I realized that it was a dream and strangely I could arrange it! My heart's content! "Hahahhahah" laughed kepuasanku terlisankan. Probably the same thing I can do this again tomorrow night, and tomorrow and the day after and continue until my satisfaction satisfied. Maybe then I can come up with people I love, and I could be with him in a dream world with free will or "Acts of God"

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